When you need routine dental care, your first thought is to search for a dentist near you. A dentist in your area may provide more dental procedures than just teeth cleaning and routine examinations. Part of the scope of work for dentists includes dental fillings and sealants. Lovett Dental Beaumont offers both procedures, and although they serve different purposes, both may help optimize your oral health and protect your teeth.

General Information About Dental Sealants

woman getting dental fillingsDental sealants consist of your dentist applying a thin coating of a dental-grade plastic or other similar material on teeth that are difficult to brush. Primarily, dental sealants are for your molars because these teeth have deep grooves and are difficult to brush. Therefore, these teeth are more prone to cavity formation than your other teeth. Additionally, a dentist may apply them over a small cavity to prevent it from worsening. Your dentist will carefully monitor the decay to ensure it’s not getting worse.

In effect, dental sealants act as a shield. They protect your teeth from debris and bacteria from remaining in the crevices of your teeth, causing decay. The sealants adhere to your teeth and will last for several years. At that point, your dentist may reapply them.

Before your dentist applies them, your dentist will place an acidic gel on those teeth. The gel roughs up the enamel of your teeth, so the dental sealants remain on those teeth well. Then, your dentist will remove the gel to apply the sealant.

Once the gel has been removed, your dentist will apply the sealant. Finally, your dentist will use a special blue light that cures the sealant.

Dental Fillings

When comparing fillings and sealants, dental fillings are part of restorative dentistry meaning that dentists use this practice to restore your oral health. For this procedure, when you have decay, a dentist will fill it with a safe material that stops your teeth from continuing to decay. You may also receive a filling if you break a portion of your tooth or damage it from grinding or clenching your teeth.

Before you receive your dental filling, your dentist will discuss the different types of materials available and help you decide which one best suits your needs. For instance, if the damage is on one of your front teeth, your dental practitioner may suggest opting for a material that blends in with your natural teeth, such as composite resin. On the other hand, your back teeth take the brunt of the force when you chew or if you grind your teeth. Therefore, a material like composite resin may not hold up well. As a result, your dentist may recommend you opt for a  type of metal on your back teeth because they’re stronger, and you don’t need to worry about the tooth’s aesthetics.

For a dental filling process, your dentist will first drill out all of the damaged portions of your tooth using a dental drill, if there is any. Then, your dentist disinfects the area to remove any further bacteria. Your dentist will then place the filling material in the area. Finally, your practitioner will smooth and file the filling so it’s not jagged.

Why Choose Our Dentist for Dental Fillings and Sealants

When you search for a dentist in and around Houston, Texas, who offers fillings and sealants, you should know that they’re not all the same. While all dentists receive the same level of education minus any additional training they receive, not all dentists provide the same results. Our dentist uses precision and takes the take necessary to provide these services correctly. This is especially important when you’re looking for a dentist to provide a filling or tooth repair because you want one who will take that time to ensure the results are aesthetically appealing as well as functional. Plus, you want a staff who cares.

Contact Lovett Dental Beaumont to discuss if sealants are right for you or to see if you could benefit from a filling. We’re available by calling 409.230.0393.