Prevention is always better than repairing problems. Our preventive dentistry practice at Lovett Dental Beaumont offers comprehensive dental care to meet most of your needs. Preventative dentistry services like these can help minimize risks to your dental health and give you a better chance of maintaining your teeth long term. Our preventative dental care is just a call away. How can we prevent damage to your smile?

dentist performing preventative dentistry on patientWhat Is Preventative Dentistry?

Preventive dentistry focuses on preventing problems. We work hard to ensure we provide consistent and ongoing care to our patients. When you come in to see us on a routine basis, we can make recommendations for you to treat the problems present and prevent new ones. Your need for preventative dental care depends on the current state of your dental health and other factors.

Why Invest in Preventative Dental Care?

Preventative dentistry services go further than just providing routine dental exams and x-rays. They mean investing in services designed to minimize the onset of damage to your teeth. There are benefits to preventative dentistry that you can’t overlook:

  • Better overall dental health
  • Longer-lasting teeth
  • Less likely to have challenges with costly dental procedures
  • Less risk of early tooth loss
  • Better self-confidence from a healthy smile

Finding the Right Preventative Dental Care for You

When you visit our offices, we’ll provide a complete consultation to discuss the preventative dentistry services that may be best for your needs. Some of the care options we offer include:

  • Fluoride Treatments: Particularly beneficial to younger patients, fluoride helps strengthen the teeth and minimize the early onset of decay. This type of treatment is specifically beneficial to those who are at risk for decay problems.
  • Dental Sealants: Sealants are an excellent type of preventative dental care. They are placed over the top of existing teeth that have been properly cleaned. The sealant works to keep out any bacteria, protecting the soft tissues of the mouth.
  • Deep Teeth Cleaning: You may benefit from deep teeth cleaning, which is a bit more invasive than traditional teeth cleaning. If you have the onset of gingivitis or some buildup of plaque at or under the gum line, it may be beneficial to you to have this procedure. It can prevent a worsening of these conditions.

The Right Level of Care Is Available

Preventative dentistry is just one of the numerous services we offer. We encourage you to come in at least one time every six months for a checkup. During these visits, we’ll ensure your dental health is excellent and work with you to determine which types of preventative dental care may be right for your needs.

If other problems need to be addressed, we can do that for you in our offices. As a full-service provider, Lovett Dental Beaumont is available to help you with needs such as:

Our goal is to improve your smile. You can do that with our preventive dentistry services and our compassionate, trusted team. Let us help you keep your smile healthy.

Choose to Protect Your Smile – Call Lovett Dental Beaumont for Help Today

Preventing dental problems is something we always aim to do at Lovett Dental Beaumont. Our preventative dentistry is designed to offer the most innovative solutions to help you do just that. We encourage you to learn more about the preventive dentistry services we offer, how they can fit your needs, and how we can help you. Call our preventative dental care team today at 409-924-8100 or connect with us online to learn how to help you.