Accidents, tooth decay, and inadequate care can destroy your teeth over time. Texans who ignore these issues are forced to suffer in the long run. Seeking restorative dentistry can fix dental problems and prevent them from getting worse. From dental fillings to porcelain crowns, there is no shortage of dental procedures available to you at our Beaumont office. Our services include dental veneers, dental braces, high-end cosmetic dentistry, and pediatric dentistry.

Restorative dental procedures at Lovett Dental Beaumont include:

Want to learn more about restorative procedures? Here is an overview of the most common restorative dentistry procedures Lovett Dental offers.

couple leaning heads together after restorative dentistry beaumont txDental Fillings

If you have a cavity, your dentist will remove it and fill the hole in your tooth. Dental fillings can treat broken teeth. In fact, this is the most common type of restorative dental procedure. There are several types of materials dentists use to fill teeth. This includes resin, silver amalgam, porcelain, and gold. Your options depend on your budget, insurance coverage, and the amount of tooth decay.

A popular type of filling is a tooth-colored composite filling. This filling provides additional support for the tooth. Dentists use it to repair worn, broken, and chipped teeth. It is cost-effective. In addition, temporary fillings are available at Lovett Dental. Dentists perform procedures for temporary fillings after root canal surgery and during emergency dental services.

Dental Crowns

Dentists place a crown over a tooth to restore its shape, strength, and size. Dental crowns improve the overall appearance of your teeth. There are other reasons that our dentists apply dental crowns to teeth. They can also cover dental implants. Dental crowns hold bridges in place, and they can also protect a weak tooth from decay.

Types of dental crowns include metal, stainless steel, porcelain, resin, and ceramic. If your teeth require dental crowns, your dentist at Lovett Dental Beaumont can recommend the crown that will best meet your needs.

Restorative Dental Implants

It is difficult to feel confident when you have missing teeth. This is especially true when teeth are missing from the front of your mouth. Restorative dental implants offer a way to replace missing teeth with natural-looking teeth replacement. When you smile, no one will know the implants aren’t your real teeth.

Your general dentist at Lovett Dental Beaumont will color-match your dental implants with your natural teeth. That way, your new implants won’t look out of place in your mouth. Over a half million people in the U.S. will undergo dental implant procedures this year. This restorative dental option offers several benefits, including:

  • Improved comfort while eating
  • Durable teeth
  • Improved speech
  • Enhanced appearance
  • Improved oral health

Your Solution for Restorative Dentistry at Lovett Dental Beaumont

There are many solutions to repair your teeth at Lovett Beaumont. One of our specialties is restorative dentistry in Beaumont. The Lovett Dental team helps patients look and feel their best. That is one of the reasons our patients trust our team of board-certified dentists.

Restorative dental procedures aren’t just about improving your appearance. Our dental services can improve your dental health and boost your confidence. Our board-certified dental team at Lovett Dental Beaumont is available to discuss your dental options. If you’re ready to restore your smile, call our office at 409-924-8100 to schedule your initial consultation.