You must make sure that you take care of your teeth. Even though investing in regular teeth cleanings is important, there might be acute problems from time to time. For example, you or someone you know may be suffering from teeth grinding. Also called bruxism, the grinding of teeth can be a significant problem. At Lovett Dental Beaumont, we are here to help you with teeth grinding. If you are looking for assistance in treating teeth grinding, there are a few key points that you should keep in mind. Our team can walk you through your options and get you the dental care you need.

woman in bed dealing with teeth grindingA Brief Overview of Teeth Grinding

For your teeth to function properly, they need to have enough enamel to cut through your food. In addition, your teeth need to be properly aligned for your mouth to function properly. Both of these are serious issues when it comes to teeth grinding. There are multiple types of bruxism, and they have different treatments.

In general, oral health professionals will categorize bruxism into two separate categories. The first type of teeth grinding takes place when people grind their teeth while they are still awake. Usually, this develops as a nervous tic. For example, if you get nervous before you step in front of a microphone, you may fidget, play with your hair, or twist something through your fingers as a way to calm yourself down. Some people grind their teeth to calm themselves down when they get stressed.

The other category involves teeth grinding in sleep. This is much more common. Unfortunately, this can also be more dangerous. If someone grinds their teeth for hours on end while asleep, there are serious issues that can develop. If you are looking to learn more about teeth grinding treatments, keep reading below.

The Complications of Teeth Grinding

When it comes to teeth grinding in sleep, there are a few serious complications that might arise. A few of the most common examples include:

  • You may develop something called teeth grinding headache. The perpetual pressure placed on your jaw, face, and scalp muscles can cause a serious headache to develop. Teeth grinding headache can make it difficult to concentrate during the day.
  • In addition, you might also degrade the enamel on the surface of your teeth. People might grind their teeth down in some situations until there is nothing left but a few nubs. Our goal is to treat this before these complications develop.
  • Finally, you might also move your teeth out of alignment. This might make it hard for you to speak properly, chew correctly, or swallow easily.

If you come to us looking for help with teeth grinding, we have several treatment options.

What Your Treatment Options Are

We have several treatment options available that can help you deal with teeth grinding. One of the most effective options is something called a nightguard. Basically, you will wear this at night to place a barrier between your two rows of teeth. That way, you will bite down on the nightguard instead of your teeth. Even though this will not prevent you from grinding, it will protect your teeth. If you are looking for preventive measures that can guard against teeth grinding, we can help you with this.

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