Are you new to town and looking for a dentist who can perform dental X-rays in Beaumont, Texas? Lovett Dental Beaumont offers a comprehensive selection of general dentistry services for your whole family. Visit our comfortable, clean, modern Beaumont office for your regularly scheduled cleanings and exams. During your exam, a member of our team will take X-ray images to check for tooth decay and to examine your underlying bone structure.

When Should I Get Dental X-Rays?

dentist reading Dental X-RaysConventional guidelines dictated that patients have dental X-rays taken annually. However, the ADA encourages patients to work together with their dentist to create a dental X-ray schedule that best matches the patient’s needs and lifestyle. The ADA has also joined with 80 other healthcare organizations to promote “Image Gently.” The “Image Gently” initiative calls for healthcare professionals who work with children to modify their use of radiation to child-sized doses when working with kids.

Our pediatric dentists will exercise caution to avoid exposing your child to excess radiation. We strive to make our office a warm, friendly, safe setting for children. Therefore, you can feel at ease when you bring your child to our office for regular visits at every stage of his or her development.

Our team is available to further discuss the benefits of digital dental X-rays. Whether you are looking for a dentist for yourself or you need a trustworthy pediatric dentist for your children, Lovett offers services for your entire family. In addition to performing your regular dental cleanings and checkups, we are also able to provide a full spectrum of dental services including:

Types of Dental X-Rays

Most dental practices use dental X-rays to monitor your oral health. There are two categories of dental X-rays your dentist will need to take: intraoral and extraoral. Intraoral images are the most common X-rays dental offices take of your teeth. These X-rays are more detailed and allow your dentist to view cavities and take a closer look at the health of your tooth root and the surrounding bone. Dentists use intraoral X-rays to check developing teeth in kids and wisdom teeth in teens and adults. These images also allow your dentist to monitor the overall health of your teeth and jawbone.

Your dentist will use extraoral X-rays to view your jaw and skull. These images do not provide as much detail as intraoral images. However, extraoral X-ray imaging will allow your dentist to keep an eye on the growth and development of your teeth, jaw, and facial bones in relation to each other. Our dentists use these X-rays to detect TMJ disorder and impacted teeth.

Digital X-Rays Make the Difference

At Lovett Dental, we always aim to offer the latest in dental technology. Therefore, we leverage digital technology to perform X-rays on our patients. Instead of capturing your images on traditional X-ray films, our digital system uses an electronic sensor. Once the machine captures your images, our computer receives the images and stores them. A major advantage of using a digital X-ray system is our equipment exposes patients to 90% less radiation than low-exposure machines emit. Because there is no film for us to dispose of, our system is also a greener option.

Overall, digital dental X-rays provide our dentists with instant, accurate images we can adjust and enlarge when sharing our findings with you. We want you to feel informed and knowledgeable about every procedure we recommend. Therefore, we will go the extra mile to answer all your questions about your oral health along with thoroughly explaining the pros and cons of each viable treatment option. We want you to look forward to visiting us for your routine oral exam in Beaumont, Texas.

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